It’s Sunday! It’s exciting!

Happy Sunday, everybody! How’s the weekend treating you?

Happy Birthday, Nathan!  Hope you’re having a great day.  Sorry I didn’t get you anything.

I’m having a pretty good day.  I didn’t sleep the greatest, but I woke up at a good hour this morning and for the first time . . . ever?  Maybe?  I went and exercised right away.  On a Sunday!  How weird!  I’m borrowing some “Walk Off the Pounds” DVDs from a friend so I did a 2-mile “Heart Healthy” walk.  It was good!

And then we went to another new church.  This one meets at the high school just down the street from us and I think we might have found a place we really like!  We’re going to give it another go next week, I think.  We liked the pastor and the people were all really nice.  It’s smaller than I expected and I’d really like to know whether they have plans to move into their own building, but it just might be the place where we stay!  It’s exciting!

After church we went grocery shopping and got way lots of groceries.  We splurged a bunch.  But, oh, baby!  We won’t have to do that kind of shopping again for a while.  It was a lot of fun, though.

And when we got home, not only did we take care of putting the groceries away, we even cut up the romaine and the cucumbers and the shallots and got everything prepared for when we want to eat them, instead of leaving them in the bags and being too tired to prepare them on weekday nights.  We’re planning ahead! It’s good stuff!

And now, after eating lunch, we’re both tired and sitting around.  Justin’s still not feeling better than he was yesterday, so we’re taking a rain-date on our date this evening.  He has a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, so (1) if he’s still not feeling better he can talk with his doc about it then, and (2) he can’t afford to get sick and stay home tomorrow because his office will throw a fit.  So sitting at home and resting it is!  And that’s fine.

One of these days I’ll write about something OTHER than what I did with my day.  But today is not that day.  I’m getting a slight headache, so I’m going to get some water and go lay down for a little while.

But have a great afternoon, everybody!  I’ll be back in here again tomorrow.