Saturday babblings

It’s Saturday and I don’t normally write on Saturdays.  This whole NaBloPoMo thing, though, has me up and trying to do write every single day of the month, so here I am and here I write!

Yesterday was a fine day.  Work went by quickly and I was able to accomplish quite a lot.  After work, I ate a picnic lunch in the parking lot before heading into Savannah to hit Target before my appointment at the Nissan dealership.  It seems silly to drive all the way there to get my oil changed, but because of the issues I had with getting the car when we bought it, our salesman gave us our first oil change for free.  So, may as well take advantage of that.

While I was there I dropped in to chat with the finance guy who I’d been helping organize.  His office is back to being a wreck, so obviously we didn’t find a system that worked well for him, but I think part of the problem was because I didn’t insist that he help in the process.  I just did it for him while he worked.  I’ve sort of given up on his office.  But he wants help getting unpacked into his house, and I’d be willing to give that a try.  He was too busy to talk about the details of that, which is good because I’m really not sure about the details yet, but he gave me his cell phone number and I’m going to call him and set something up.  Hopefully we’ll be able to work something out there.

After that, I came home and cleaned house.  No more bugs!  Justin came home and we went running, which was good, but hard.  And the rest of the evening was relaxing.  We’ve caught up with Eureka! and now we have to wait until January when the show starts up again.  I like the show, so I’m a little irritated about waiting so long, but we have lots of other shows that we’ve recorded and not watched yet, so it’s not like we can’t watch anything until then.  It’s nice to have a break from the whole “We’re sponsored by Degree!!!  SEE?!  LOOKIT THA STUFF!!!”  They sold out, but the stories are still entertaining so I keep enjoying it.

Today I got to sleep in again, and as soon as I got up, we went running again.  I’m probably going to come on and write about my weight issues sometime, but I might just take it over to my Diet Log, since that’s really what that place was created for.  Because writing about diets and exercising really isn’t all that interesting, but I still feel the need to write about it when I’m thinking about it a lot.  And I’m really starting to think about it a lot again.

Anyway, we went running, came home, cleaned up and cleaned house.  We’ve eaten lunch and worked on a shopping list for when we hit the store later this afternoon.  Right now, Justin is curled up on the bed taking a nap.  He hasn’t been feeling the greatest all week, either, and he’s been completely exhausted since we got in from running.  I remember that when we first started running last time, this happened, too.  He gets really, really tired.  Part of it might be that he’s coming down with something, but I think that the running doesn’t help at all.

I feel better about myself when I’ve been running, but I have a ton more fat to keep me up and going.  He’s not got that same insulation so he runs out of energy.

Tomorrow we’re hitting a new church in the morning and then going on a date in the later afternoon.  I have no idea what we’re doing, just that it’s outside for a part of it, so I hope the weather stays nice.  It’s beautiful out right now, but it’s supposed to cloud up and get windy this afternoon.  I’m excited about going out.  We haven’t really done that in a while because of money constraints.  I still need to think of  places where I’d like to go eat out for dinner after the mystery activity.  I’ve got a book of local restaurants so I’ll need to take a look at that this afternoon.

Overall, life here is proceeding as normal, really.  I wish Justin was feeling better, but I’d rather him rest up than come down with something full-out.

My older brother, Nathan, has his birthday tomorrow.  They announced yesterday that they’re having another baby, so we’re all very excited for them!

Justin’s birthday is on Monday.  The day after his birthday, on which he gets no presents because it’s in the mail, he has a doctor’s appointment.  Such a great birthday, huh?

But that’s part of why we’re going out tomorrow.  It’s part “Happy Birthday!” and part “I has a New Job!”  All good things.

Anyway, enough out of me.  Why are ya’ll sitting and reading me babble today, anyway?  Go spend time with friends and family and enjoy the weather and other good things!  I’ll be back here again tomorrow, hopefully with more interesting things to write about.