Today being what it is & The Itch.

I woke up this morning with a strong compulsion to write.  Not about politics and not because it’s the day after the election and the world today is all about the results of that, because I have no desire to talk about my opinions or reactions to the election.  

Well, that’s not entirely true.

Let me say this about the election:  I think it is one of the most important responsibilities of the American people to be informed about their candidates and to go out and vote on their opinions and beliefs.  Unfortunately, I have to admit that I’m one of those people who don’t follow politics well, so I totally fail on that whole “be informed” part.  I’m informed at a very low level, as much as can be gleaned by reading a few articles and listening to people talking and more or less passively gathering information.  And I absolutely know that I should know more about the people in my locality before heading to the polls.  But the point is that I do head to the polls.

Now, what I vote at the polls and what I think about the results is not something I’m comfortable talking about right now.  I think that’s my own business.  And while I could talk about this, as it’s my site and all, it’s a whole can of worms that I’d rather not open.  I’ve managed so far to not talk about it with anyone other than my husband and I’d like to keep it that way.

And that’s where I stand on that.

But I woke up this morning wanting to sit down and put words onto the page.  I stood in the bathroom trying to think about a storyline that would take me places.  I thought about what sort of things I could write about to all of you.  I thought about the stories that I’ve already started and where I could take those ideas.

And, truth be told, I didn’t get very far.  It’s sort of the way things go.  I’ve got the itch!  And the way I’ll scratch it is to write here to all ya’ll.  And then I’ll be distracted by it all day long, probably.  And hopefully what I’ll do is go home this evening, pull out one of my several books with writing prompts and get an idea from there that’ll pull me along for a little while.  And then I’ll be out of time for the evening because, sakes alive, I’ve been getting tired so early lately (silly clocks setting backwards thing), so I’ll head to bed.

Hopefully, though, those brain cells will be scheming together all night long and tomorrow I’ll have even more ideas.  By the time I get to the weekend, maybe I’ll even have characters or a situation in mind to write about in even more depth.  Who knows?!  She’s a tricksy one, that muse.

The exciting thing, though, is that the itch is there.  I haven’t had that feeling for a long time.  I don’t know if it’s the change of the light or the smell of the air or what it is exactly, but I’m feeling creative today for the first time in a long time.

So I know it’s Wednesday and the plan for Wednesdays was to have a picture, but because I haven’t been feeling well, I haven’t got anything for you.  I’m seriously considering changing it to a Friday Photo thing.  Let’s aim for that this week because I’m not planning to go home and take pictures tonight, either.  I’m planning to go home and spend time with Justin cleaning up the house and making dinner because tonight is Wife Night and that’s kind of a lot more important.

But I really do hope to sit down and do some creative writing tonight, too.  Maybe I’ll even get something up over at Wake Up the Muse while I’m at it.  Who knows?!  

Have a great afternoon, everybody.  I’ll check in with ya’ll again tomorrow.