Wife Night and My Hero

You know, let’s make those Friday Photos.  That would be perfect!

A few weeks ago, Justin declared that Wednesday night was “Wife Night.”  It took me a few weeks to realize that he was actually serious and that it wasn’t just a one-time event.  Wednesday nights, he tells his friends that he is unavailable to chat and hang out online because he’s spending time with me.  The entire evening is about spending time together, instead of sitting in our own offices and poking or working on projects or anything.  Yesterday Justin apologized to me because a friend called him and he spent 15 minutes getting out of the conversation.  He’s very serious about the whole evening being focused on me.

It’s fantastic!

So yesterday we spent some time snuggled up on the couch watching TV, I had a glass of wine, we had dinner, and it was wonderful.  Justin listened to me babble about my day and the projects coming up at work.  He told me about stuff happening in his office.  The glass of wine I had before dinner made me very sleepy and a bit loopy, and he tucked me into bed around 9:30.  He didn’t really sit down at his computer until after I was in bed, a huge change from most other days of the week.  It doesn’t bother me that he spends a lot of his time at the computer when he’s home—I sit at my computer and poke at things and spend time working on projects of my own.  But it’s wonderful when he’ll take time for an entire evening and just focus on me.

This morning, after a solid eight hours of sleep, I got ready for work and woke Justin up to let him know I was on my way out.  He got out of bed to walk me to the door, which made him my hero.  Because as I got to the top of the steps I saw that there was an enormous spider on the wall near the bottom of the steps.  And I do mean monstrous.  The legs on that thing were about 3 inches long.  And I’m not sure if seeing the fiend freaked me out more than knowing that I’d walked past it two times without knowing it, but I was definitely freaked out.  

Justin trapped it under a piece of Tupperware, I gave him a piece of paper, and then ran out the door to head to work.  (I’m getting shivers just thinking about this and resisting the urge (so far) to check to make sure there are no spiders under my desk.)  When I got Justin a piece of paper from my office, I was worried about touching the light switch and touching a spider instead.  I ran out of the house, not just because Justin was going to take care of the spider, but because I was worried more spiders were going to crawl out of the shadows and jump at me.  When Justin went down the stairs to put the container over the spider, I had the irrational thought that it was going to jump into his mouth.  What is that all about?  Why would it jump into his mouth?  But I’m always worried that spiders are going to do that and . . . kill me, basically.  I mean, there’s more, but I can’t write about it because then I actually have to think about it and it scares me too much.  (More shivers, dang it!)  After bolting from the house and the whole way to work, until there was light enough to look around my
car, I kept thinking that there must be more spiders in my car.

I called Justin when I got to work to make sure that he’d gotten rid of the spider and he assured me that he had and, when I told him about being really afraid that there’d be more in the house, he reassured me that there wouldn’t be.

I’m wondering now, though, what exactly he did with the spider.  I mean, did he trap it so he could let it loose outside or did he trap it so he could kill it without making a mess on the wall?  Sorry, all of you who might think it’s better to keep those things alive, but I kill spiders.  There are plenty of them outside.  Plenty!  And I’ll generally leave them alone when they’re outside.  But when they start to invade my space, then they’ve crossed the line and I’m going to eliminate them (or, more accurately, ask someone else to do it for me).

So that’s where I am this morning.  Last night was fantastic.  I got lots of sleep.  And my husband saved me from the spider this morning.  Work is crazy busy and I’ve really got to focus on that now.  I go to new-hire orientation on Monday (bad timing, really, since Monday is going to be very busy up here) and get my new badge.  The weather is still fantastically fall-like, with clear blue skies, crisp cool temperatures, and the smell of dried leaves on the wind.

It’s a wonderful time of year.