Light therapy

I’ve been trying something new for my morning routine this last week.  While unpacking boxes last weekend, I found Justin’s light therapy lamp.  It’s like a desk lamp, except it puts out a lot of “good” light.  And it actually has an alarm feature where it’ll turn on dim and then get more and more bright.  And then start making really annoying bird noises.

I put it in the bathroom.

I’m not really sure I’m ready for the alarm feature on it because I’m not sure how much it’ll wake up Justin and he doesn’t  have to get up until about the time I’m leaving.  So I’d rather let him have that extra sleep.  So I put it where I’m getting ready in the morning.  The shower curtain is fairly translucent so it lets in a lot of the light.  And then I stand there and dry my hair and everything else while it’s on.

I’m trying this because I’d noticed that now that I’m getting up and heading to work while it’s dark out, I’ve been increasingly grumpy.  I’ve also been more sleepy while driving than I’m particularly comfortable with.  So I wanted to see if maybe adding light to my morning would make me feel better.

It’s only been four days, but I think it’s actually working pretty well.  I mean, it’s been a really fantastic week and whether that has to do with the things happening in my day (getting a job, jogging, fantastic weather) or because of the light in the morning is really hard to tell.  But it’s been nice having more energy in my day and feeling more optimistic.  I like it.  I think I’m going to keep on with it until the sun comes back again.

Lots of stuff planned for this weekend. We’re hoping to work on unpacking more and hanging pictures and carving pumpkins.  I want to hit the fireworks in town.  It’s going to be a great weekend.  It looks like it might be cloudy and raining tomorrow, but sunny over the weekend.  Should be good for getting stuff accomplished!