Job update

Okay!  Now I feel comfortable writing about the job situation.

Just a refresher, about a month ago, I started the process that would get me employed here as a direct employee instead of a temporary contract.  My manager (David) put a position on the job board and I applied for it.  It turns out that several other people also applied for the position, but HR went through and weeded out those who weren’t qualified (and here I was really afraid that I’d get taken out of the running) and David was given a list of people to interview.  I think there were 2 of us.  So my interview was amazingly simple and he contacted the other person to explain the purpose of the position or something like that.  I wasn’t involved.  

Anyway, late last week, David came up and gave me an offer for pay (which I mentioned on here because I was blown away) and I was given a draft copy of the offer letter.  This morning, I went over to HR and signed an official letter and did a drug screening.  There’s a two week wait to make sure that my screening and background check come through all clean, and then I go to orientation.

So, since they won’t find anything on either one of those checks, I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’ll be a direct employee by the first Monday of November!

It’s very exciting!  I’m getting a really hefty raise in pay, plus I’ll get several benefits.  And then there’s also the security that they won’t just dismiss me because I’m a temp.

I’ll be changing my job title from Administrative Assistant II to Technical Data Specialist I.  I’ll be doing several of the same things I’ve already been doing, but I’m also now the person mainly responsible for the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) for the Cabin STC.  Basically, it’s a really big document that’s written up by the technical publications group and then I check it over to make sure that everything is all good and then it’s eventually given to the FAA and the customer.  It’s big.  It’s important.  I’m a little intimidated.  But it’s cool.

And that’s pretty much the news!

This weekend was pretty good.  You already know about my Saturday.  Sunday was pretty much the opposite—sunshine and getting lots of stuff accomplished.  We even got a few pictures hung on the walls!  And, yet again, I failed to take pictures.  But the house is getting close and closer to the point where I’ll really feel happy about doing that.

We’re getting fall weather finally.  We turned off the a/c and opened all the windows and it was absolutely wonderful.  We left the windows open overnight and woke up freezing our butts off.  It was slightly less wonderful.  But it’s great to finally be hitting these clear, crisp days of autumn.  I love it!