Back in the office

That’s right–I’m back in the States, back sitting at my desk again.  We made it safely to Costa Rica and back again, making ourselves into successful international travelers.  I’m so proud.

And tired.  Very tired.

And busy.  Though my office did manage to be much less dependent on me than they were six months ago, I still have a crazy lot of work to catch up on.

And did I mention that I’m really tired?

So I’m planning to take some time over my lunch to write about our trip and all.  I have pictures, but they’re all at home, so I’ll have to do that part later.  And, you know, I might just take my whole lunch hour and go take a nap in the backseat of my car.  And then I’ll come back and write about my trip tonight.  Or tomorrow night.  Or over the weekend.  Eventually.

It was a great trip, though.  Very fun.  Very relaxing, except for the parts that weren’t.  And the wedding was beautiful.

I’ll tell you all about it . . . later.