I fell down again

So.  Yesterday was a fun day.  I went to work in the morning and got as much accomplished as I could.  This plane is taking longer than they expected because different problems keep showing up.  It’s frustrating all around and keeps stalling out.  But I got done what I could and then packed up my office for the move.  I have two boxes and a recycling can next to the door, and an inbox with my active files, a steno-pad, a stack of sticky notes, a cup, a pen, a few Kleenex, and a dried rose sitting on my desk for me to hand carry when they come for my computer.  I have the best looking cubical in the joint.  And I’ll have to figure out how to work in it on Monday if they don’t come move me right away.  It could be a very interesting day.

After getting off work, I went to pay the electric bill at their offices because we hadn’t paid the full deposit with last month’s bill ($300 is a lot!) and they were threatening to shut off our power if it wasn’t in before the first.  So.  Had to take care of it Friday.  After that, I went to the post office to mail off a couple books for BookMooch, and then I went home.  Last Friday I did a lot of leg-work trying to figure out car insurance and yesterday I finally got back in touch with the second agent who we were getting a quote from.  After telling me what the agencies she works with were giving us for a quote and comparing it with the quote State Farm gave us, she emphatically encouraged me to go back to State Farm.  Which surprised me because I didn’t think a competitive agent would do that.  And really endeared her to Justin and me.  But because money is so tight, I called up State Farm and figured out what exactly she needed to get us all signed up.  She asked me stop by that afternoon, so from 4:15 to 4:45 we worked out paperwork. At the end of the meeting, I walked out confident that Justin and I now have great coverage for both of our cars as well as our house.  And we’re getting a good rate on them, too.

After that I was exhausted so I went home, let Justin know that we had insurance, and then fell asleep on the bed for an hour.  Justin got home, woke me up, and we went for a run.  We’ve been running all week.  I was finally not in horrific pain by Friday morning, just minor discomfort.  And tired.  But it’s been good to be running again.  It’s really, really hard.  And I’m a little concerned about hauling this much weight around, but I’m feeling more fit than I had been and my clothes are fitting better.  Even if the scale isn’t saying that I lost any weight last week.  Anyway.

Home after running, showers, dinner, Stargate and bed.  It was nice.

This morning we slept in a little while and then poked around the house working on different things for a while.  And then we decided to go for our run.  I had planned to see if I could make it two miles.  Not all at once, but at least jogging two miles before going in for the day.

Unfortunately, at about halfway through the first mile, I lost my balance, stumbled around a few steps, and fell.  We’ve been running on a track that loops around the pool (7 laps for a mile), so it’s all gravel and dirt and sand.  And roots and tree branches and vines.  I’m not sure what made me go down.  It could have just been stepping wrong on my feet.  I don’t know.  

I’m not horribly injured.  I got up, dusted myself off, and we hobbled over to the pool area where there’s a bathroom.  I washed off the dirt as much as I could to see how bad it was, and then Justin and I slowly walked back home.  So much for my two miles.  

We got back to the house, showered, and then Justin took a pad with rubbing alcohol to my leg, which hurt 100 times more than the fall had, but it had to be done.  We think there still might be dirt in the cuts, but it hurts too much to rub them out just yet.  We covered it with Neosporin and are letting it be for now.  Where I landed on the balls of my hands are rough, but not hurt, and the back of my forearm is a little scratched, but not too bad.  Mostly it’s just the top of my right knee and the calf below.

So.  Where I had planned to do quite a bit of working on things today, I’ve mostly sat around reading and wincing.  I finished paying the bills and looked up what kind of power they use in Costa Rica (same as the States, incidentally), and finished the Star Trek book I was reading.

In a little while here, Justin and I are going to head to the store for a few things.  We need travel-sized bottles for the plane and some milk for the next couple of days.  I’m charging the batteries for my camera so I can take pictures of our trip, which I’m still anxious about and excited and scared.  We still haven’t heard from Maggie.

Tomorrow we’re going to another church and doing laundry and I’ll probably pack as much as I can.  I have our mail being held by the post office while we’re gone.  I’m trying to think of what we need to take care of before we head out.

But yeah.  That’s what’s going on!