It’s been busy around here


So it’s been absolutely insane around here.  Yesterday afternoon the guys from facilities showed up in our area with a cart full of boxes for us to pack all of our stuff into.  No one’s really told us yet when we’re moving, still, but the rumors are that it’s happening on Monday.  It’s really a stupid day to do it because everybody’s going to be trying to get an airplane finished up on Monday and running all over like crazy people.  A lot like today and yesterday, except none of their stuff will be where they left it.  Usually they move people on Fridays when it’s quiet around here, but apparently they decided to make things more interesting for all of us.

So people are packing up their stuff and trying to get airplanes done at the same time, and it’s starting to get a little bit frantic.  I’ve had several documents handed to me this morning with “It’s hot!  People are looking for this.  Could you please take care of this right now?!”  Always fun.  Plus I’m still learning some of the new projects that they’ve handed me, which just makes the whole thing even more interesting.

But all of that’s work and it’s not terribly interesting.

At home, Justin and I went running again last night.  We went running the day before, too.  It’s just gotten too chilly to enjoy swimming.  Plus, as it turns out, we’re considerably more out of shape than I anticipated.  I’ve been in pain since Tuesday evening.  My poor tormented quads!  But it’s a good thing to do and we both enjoy it and we’ve both been able to sleep much better the last couple of days.  We just can’t actually make it up the stairs without whimpering in pain.

We’re working our way through Stargate (SG:1) seasons that we’ve borrowed from Nathan.  We’re at the end of season 7 and, once again, I’ve been moved to tears by the death of a fictional character.  I obviously take my television much too seriously.  But it was so sad!  Now who is Sam going to be friends with?  And poor Cassandra!

We keep watching SG:1, even though we have several episodes of more recent TV shows saved on the cable box.  Eureka, Bones, House M.D., Sarah Conner Chronicles, Heroes.  We’re recording all of them, but not watching them yet because we’d rather be watching SG:1.  Well, we did watch a couple of Eureka, but were discouraged by the not so great storylines, the irritating new CEO, and the blatant product advertisement.  Hopefully it’ll get better.  I think the season’s pretty much over for that one since it’s a summer show.  Does anybody know?  Did it get better?

Last Thursday I finally made it to the local Farmers Market.  It’s every Thursday until mid-October from 3:00 to 6:00.  I got there shortly before closing and it was pretty cleared out, but I was still able to get some basil and green beans and zucchini.  I bought fresh green beans, Mom!  And I went home, washed them like you taught me how, and boiled them up for dinner.  It was great.  They were crunchy.  Justin isn’t used to fresh beans and thought it was weird.

I’m hoping to make bread from the zucchini but I keep forgetting to do it in the evenings.  Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow afternoon.

I’m very concerned about our Costa Rica plans.  I got an email from Justin before lunch that sounded like his employers might be reneging on their agreement to him being out for those days.  The other web designer (it was just Justin and one other guy doing the designs) quit at the end of last week–gave his three day notice and yesterday was his last day.  So they’re freaking out because they only have Justin now.  But they’ve been being awful for a while–being totally blind about some people’s behaviours while yelling at Justin for doing what he was told to do.  And they still haven’t given Justin the insurance coverage that was supposed to start three months after he started working–about four months ago.  I’m getting so angry.

If we don’t end up going, we’ll be able to make up for some of our losses, financially, because I’ll be working and getting paid whereas if we’re away, I don’t get vacation pay. But we still lose the money we spent on tickets and the lodging reservations.

And Justin will miss his best friend’s wedding.

So it’s turning into a bad day.

I’ve got to get back to work now that my lunch is over.  Not that it was much of a lunch–I’ve been working on projects pretty much through this whole time.  Hopefully this afternoon will perk up and we’ll manage to get amazing amount of work done and all prepared for the move and Justin’s employers will surprise him with insurance and wholehearted support for his vacation and flowers will rain down on me from the ceiling.