Stuff that’s going on

Yesterday just wasn’t a very good day.  Maybe it was tiredness, maybe it was PMS, maybe it was aftereffects of having too much sugar the night before (in the form of bad cheesecake).  I’m really not altogether sure of the reasons, but I just was not in a place where I could handle the day.  And that came out in being grumpy and tired, overemotional and weepy, and just generally unstable.

I’m doing better today.  I haven’t had to go hide in the bathroom to cry even once.  I’ve actually been able to concentrate for longer than 10 minutes at a time.  And I bet when I drive home, I won’t scream at any of the cars, even when I’m not on the phone.

See?  Much better than yesterday.

I can’t decide where I’d like to go with this post.  I have a couple of options.  I could talk about the weekend, I could talk about the coming week, or I could talk about some other topic randomly.  I don’t have anything I’m particularly itching to write about.

The weekend was nice.  We didn’t get as much accomplished as I had hoped we would.  But the relaxing was nice—Justin had a really rough week last week and I’m starting into a very stressful week.  We had plans to check out another church, but I was just too exhausted to get out of the house.  One of these days I should start writing up reviews of the churches we’ve visited.  All in all, the weekend was fairly uneventful.  Friday afternoon I took care of a lot of insurance and bill issues.  Saturday early afternoon we went swimming again, and then decided that we should really take a break, since neither of us could walk up the stairs without pain anymore and we were really, really tired.  And not that muscle-weary tired that comes from working hard.  I’m talking that bone-deep sapping exhaustion that comes from working too dang hard.  Which was why I couldn’t get out of bed Sunday morning.  Very tired.

This coming week, I have several projects to get finished up (2 preliminary ICAs, 1 ICA for STC, 1 more cert package (of 4 started yesterday), a newsletter section, plus other random stuff), as well as prepare for the move, which may be happening on Monday.  (And I know none of these acronyms mean anything, but it’s really boring and you probably don’t really care to know.)  The ICA for STC is a new project for me and quite stressful just on its own, but added to that is how they’re restructuring how I do my job and the projects that I’m involved in.  And it would probably all be perfectly fine if I was doing things at the normal pace, but I’m trying to get ready for being out of town for several days next week and getting all my projects done early.

And I really need to make sure that everything is set up for us to head to Costa Rica next week, including our stay at the lodge where Maggie set up reservations and I don’t know anything about how we’re supposed to reserve our rooms there.  Maggie has been totally unavailable for the last week.  I’m really just praying that we can take care of all of that once we actually get there.  And not that when we show up without reservations that they tell us that there’s no room available.  That would be bad.

So we’re going to have an interesting couple of weeks.  Hopefully the latter half of the next week will be fantastically relaxing and fun.  But until then I’m going to be kind of stressed out.