Dieting and To Do List

I started working on my weight again.  Again, again, again.  I seem to always be starting to work on my weight, getting off track, gaining weight back, and then starting again.  But whatever.  I’m starting again.  My clothes have been too tight and I look awful and feel awful and I’m tired of it.  I have the tools and knowledge and ability to do what I need to do in order to lose weight, I’ve just been too stinkin’ lazy to do it.

But I’m working on it again.  Logging my food to keep track of nutrition and calories and exercising my butt off are the ways that I lose weight.  I know that it works and I know that it makes me feel good.  So on Tuesday I started logging my food on MyFoodDiary again.  And Justin and I have been swimming at the pool every single day we possibly can.  Once it gets too cold for swimming (which could be a while yet), we’ll start running again.  Hopefully by the time we start that, I’ll be less heavy and more fit, so I’ll be less likely to hurt myself.

A long, long time ago (January 2007), I started a Live Journal account so I could write about my diet.  Dieting isn’t generally fascinating reading material, even thought it takes up a lot of my brain when I’m working on it hard.  (And I should really say that I’m not exactly “dieting.”  I’m trying to train myself to eat healthy, exercise, and control my brain when it comes to food.  There’s not supposed to be an ending point to this “diet,” but rather a conversion to a new way of eating and approaching food.  Hasn’t worked yet, which is why I’m still so heavy.  Anyway.)  If you’re interested in reading about my progress, I’m posting over there again now, too.  Kylene’s Diet Log, for all your exercise and food angst and joys.  Enjoy!

I’m looking at a fairly busy weekend.  Sitting through a meeting yesterday that I didn’t really need to be at but was invited to anyway, I worked up my To Do list for the next couple of days:

  • Kingston Insurance quote (Friday before 2:00)
  • State Farm Insurance quote (Friday @ 2:00)
  • Post office run
  • Library card application
  • Empty boxes in the living room
  • Empty boxes in the offices
  • Balance checkbook
  • Pay bills
  • Make menus for dinners
  • Laundry from the dryer
  • Call Sara, Gillian, etc.
  • Check DVR recording lists
  • Tidy desk
  • Look at Professional Organizer stuff
  • Fix brown pants
  • Take pictures of the house
  • Hang pictures
  • Grocery shopping
    • Milk
    • Bread
    • Apples
    • Eggs
    • Light dressing