Short post of random things


I’m having a good day!  This morning was dull, dull, dull.  But this afternoon I’ve figured out some projects to work on and I’m making good progress.  I don’t think I really have anything interesting to mention.  Um . . . let me think.

Some of my favorite webcomic artists are going to be in Savannah next month and I want to go see that, if it’s free like I think it is.

I reserved a room in Alajuela for Justin and me for the night we arrive in Costa Rica.  I should have the confirmation when I get home today.  That was an interesting experience.  I’m excited to spend the day in town.  I’m still trying to convince Justin that we’re going to be safe.

I’m going rollerblading this afternoon if it isn’t raining.  I really hope it isn’t raining.  Please don’t be raining!!

We’re almost certain now that the office shuffle is going to happen while I’m out of the country.  It means that at the end of a very busy day and the day before heading out of the country, I have to box up my desk so it’s ready to go.

I’m feeling good today!  I hope you’re doing great!