I’m whining. Feel free to ignore me.

Still no serious threat from Hanna.  Projections are putting landfall in South Carolina, but further up the coast from us.  I expect that the path of the storm will shift even more and all we’ll have to deal with is a really wet weekend.  So far, we’re enjoying sunny, mid-80 degree weather.  It’s lovely.

I really don’t have much else to chat about today.  I’ve not been having the greatest day.  I stayed up too late and I’ve been tired and grumpy.  People are absolutely insane around here trying to get things done before possibly having to leave for the weekend.  But mostly just general ordinary craziness, and as tired as I am, I’m just not up to dealing with it today.

Also not up to writing well today, either . . . .  That last paragraph makes very little sense.

Anyway, over the weekend, which was lovely, we managed to get quite a bit accomplished on the house.  I really should take pictures for you all to look at.  We got the big pile of boxes shaved down a lot.  Of course, the offices are both a wreck right now because that’s where all the boxes went, but . . . .  Yeah, there is no but.  The offices are terrible.  But at least there are two offices now instead of an office with both of us in it and a room filled with bookshelves and junk.  I couldn’t sit at my desk while Justin was sitting at his computer while he was sharing space in my office.  So I kicked him out over the weekend and now I can get to my desk and hopefully start working on that mess.  But it’s really slow going because I don’t know where to put anything.  Justin’s having the same problem.

We’ve figured out that we have hugely different ways of looking at unpacking.  I look at it as something that should get done as quickly as possible.  Unpack the boxes, find new places for things, and start living out of the house instead of the boxes.  Justin, on the other hand, figures the boxes will get done eventually.  They’re like regular house maintenance.  As long as you have what you need right now, then you’re fine.  If you need something else, find the box, unpack it, and move on from there.  But it’s not something that has to be done in any sort of timely manner.  He’d be fine living with boxes piled everywhere for months and months.  Or years.

I can’t live like that.  And he still might not understand how stressed out it makes me to have boxes piled everywhere, but he was willing to give in and let me make a mess of his office so I could have the dining room more clear.  I’m really, really hoping that it doesn’t end up making him horribly grumpy at me.

It’s difficult.  I just want the house to be clean and tidy and organized.  But it’s not possible, not the way it is right now.  There are things that we don’t have a clue where we’re going to put them.  Like the full-size bed that I had before we got married.  At the apartment, we put it in the garage along with a bunch of other stuff.  We don’t have space like that now.  It doesn’t fit into any of the closets and I expect we’re just going to end up getting rid of it.  For now it’s leaned up against the wall in the dining room.  We’ve moved from a place that had considerably more closet space, and we don’t know where on earth we’re going to put all of our books.

So I’ll get home and I’ll want to relax, but it stresses me out just looking at the piles of boxes, not knowing where I’m going to put them all.  And Justin will get home and want to relax, but I’ll stress him out by worrying about the boxes and then make him claustrophobic by stacking boxes all around his desk.

But things are getting better.  I’m able to sit downstairs now, something I wasn’t able to do last week.  Little by little, that space is getting completed.  And little by little, my insanity is lessening.

I need to remember, next time we go to move, that the whole process, from start to finish, is an enormous pain in the butt.  From finding a new place, dealing with the details of finalizing that, boxing everything up, living with things boxed up, finding a way to move those boxes from one place to another, finding places to put those boxes, and then finding places for everything in the new place.  Turning off utilities at one place and turning them on at the other and making sure that deposits are paid and returned.  And that the electric company doesn’t charge you for the rest of the month when you weren’t even at the apartment even though they’ve already charged you for the time when you were . . . .  Grrr.  Paying for all the unexpected expenses that are involved in boxes and rentals and movers and tape and just living in such a state of chaos.

I’m tired of it and I’m ready to be done now.

And I’m tired and grumpy today which isn’t helping anything in the least.

I’m such a whiner.