Hurricane Hannah

Well, the hottest topic for today is Hurricane Hanna.  She sounds like a character from an old-time Disney cartoon and I keep humming “A Whale of a Tale” under my breath.  Anyway, right now she’s hanging out around Haiti and not causing any problems way up here.  In fact, we’re having fantastic weather today.  Not too hot, not too humid, absolutely beautiful weather.

There’s no way to predict with certainty right now where she’s going to go.  People keep trying to say one way or the other, but it’s just not really one of those things you can say for sure.  They’re thinking that she might turn up and follow the coast of Florida, up to Georgia, and across the Carolinas.  But we just really don’t know.

So, toward the end of this week, Justin and I may or may not be getting an extended weekend, depending on whether or not they evacuate Beaufort county.  So far, that’s not happening.  But people are starting to think about what might need to happen if that call does go out.

Here at work, we have a great clue about how serious the weather is looking.  As soon as they start flying the airplanes away from here, we know that the weather is looking serious.  If the planes are still sitting here, then we don’t need to worry.  If the Big Wigs aren’t concerned about the several million dollar airplanes sitting outside, then we don’t need to be worried, either.

But everybody’s still talking about it.  And I’m thinking about what we’d need to grab before heading up to Luke’s and how we’d need to shut up the house so everything will be safe and secure while we’re gone.  My mind goes strange places while thinking along these lines.  Like, should we sandbag the back door so water doesn’t come in?  We do live in a fairly low area.  Where would we even get those?  And what would we do with them afterwards?

Hopefully, it won’t be an issue at all and Hanna will turn and head back out to the Atlantic without heading towards us at all.  For now, we just have to sit tight and keep an eye on the weather.  There’s nothing to be worried about yet.