I’m ready to go home now

There are days, like today, when I sit at my desk at work and wonder why the heck anyone cares what I do.  Or more accurately, whether anyone actually notices if I manage to do absolutely nothing with my day.  Does what I do matter that little?  And the answer on those days is usually, “Yes.  It really doesn’t matter.”  And then I wonder why they’re paying me and worry that they’re going to fire me.  Which would really stink.

There are other days, like days when I’ve actually gotten enough sleep the night before, when I love what I’m doing.  I love moving things around for my coworkers and helping out with projects and getting things done.  And it feels useful and it feels satisfying.

And I’m certain that it’s that way for people all over the planet.  There are days when work is awful and pointless.  And there are days when it’s totally jiving and you leave completely jazzed about the day.

Today is a day when I didn’t get nearly enough sleep.  It’s a day where I keep following half-thoughts and getting lost along the way.  It’s a day when I keep thinking about all the other things I’d like to be doing rather than sitting in my unstable chair and listening to people babble over the walls.

Like finding a local insurance agent for our cars.  We’re supposed to change our car tags (which is southern for license plates) and registrations by 45 days after establishing residency.  Does that mean 45 days after we’ve gotten our South Carolina driver’s license?  Because we have 90 days after residency to get that done.  Why aren’t they the same?

And I’m tired of avoiding my downstairs because of all the boxes.  I can’t sit down there and relax.  If I’m going to sit and read or watch TV, I’ll go upstairs and do it in the bedroom.  This also means that in the past week, Justin and I have eaten more meals while sitting on the bed than we have at the counter or table.  Which, you know, fun!  But also time to wash the sheets.

Over the weekend, I picked up a book called How to Start a Home-Based Housecleaning Business.  It was a close as I could get to something telling me how to get my Professional Organizing thing off the ground.  And it’s been a really fascinating read!  There are a lot of similarities between being PO and a housecleaner.  But especially interesting so far has been just the nuts and bolts about getting started—like registering the name of your business with the county and state and getting your business license.  I have a name picked out, but I’m pretty sure I should actually establish my residency and get my driver’s license before I try to get my business license.

Which lands me back at needing to get local insurance.

My sister is going to have her baby any day now.  I’m excited!  I keep making sure that my phone is charged so if her husband texts us to let us know they’re on their way, I’m all prepared to freak out.  And be all sad because I’m so far away.

This baby is one of many reasons why Justin and I are going to make it up for Thanksgiving this year.  (Two other reasons are two other babies who I also love dearly and miss terribly.)  We might have to live on ramen noodles and oatmeal for a few months, but we’re going to make it up there.

Crap, I really don’t know how we’re going to manage that.  I really need to sit down with our checkbook and think about that sometime soon.

I’m so glad that I’ve switched back to a 5:00 quitting time.  It means that I have less than an hour to go before I get to leave.  Leave and go pick up my car from the dealer’s where it’s been for the last week.  (Nathan and Amy, did you hear yet that we bought a car?  It was kind of a secret, but now it’s not and I’m not sure if you know about it yet or not.  I’ll post pictures soon eventually.)  And then go home and curl up in the bedroom and watch SG:1 and hopefully fall asleep stupidly early.

P.S.  I love my husband.  He cried at SG:1 last night—we watched “Meridian,” the episode where Daniel ascends.