I love my husband

I need to take a moment to explain that Justin really doesn’t upset me very often.  I need to say this because after my last two posts, Justin commented to me at home that it sounded like he was getting into trouble all the time.  And he was concerned.

So, just to clarify, Justin doesn’t upset me very often at all.  He does very well at keeping me blissfully happy.


Examples of good husband-ing from the weekend:

  • Friday when I got home from running several errands in Savannah, I walked in to discover that he had moved all the boxes from the dining room to along the far wall and moved his bookshelves up to his office.  This meant that for the first time since moving in, we could sit at our dining room table!
  • Saturday, after a long afternoon of working on the apartment to get it emptied out and cleaned up for the walk-through on Sunday, I curled up on the bed at home.  Justin found the DVD player for the bedroom TV and hooked it up so I could watch a Bob Hope movie.
  • And then he came in with my contact case so I could take those out and he tucked me into bed after I started to fall asleep halfway through the movie.
  • Sunday afternoon, even though we’d carried a bunch of things from the apartment back to the house and done a lot of work, he still dug out an enormous box for me and carried it up the steps to the bedroom so I could find different pajamas than the ones I’d been wearing.

And then there’s the little backrubs and doing laundry and all the other things that he does just automatically that make me happy.

He’s a wonderful husband and I love him a lot.  So I just wanted to make sure that was clear, and that he’s really not making me upset a lot.

Okay?  🙂

I promise I’ll come back and talk about my meeting with the professional organizer later, either today or tomorrow.  Just as a heads-up:  It was great!