A list:

100 50 things about me: I moved this past weekend and we’re living out of boxes. I got married in March and I’m still in that great honeymoon part of marriage where I can get mad at Justin for something and then see him and completely get over it because I’m so happy to be … Continue reading “A list:”

100 50 things about me:

  1. I moved this past weekend and we’re living out of boxes.
  2. I got married in March and I’m still in that great honeymoon part of marriage where I can get mad at Justin for something and then see him and completely get over it because I’m so happy to be married to him.
  3. Even though he has way too much stuff that we had to move.  Seriously, mister.  Too.  Much.  Stuff.
  4. And it’s not that he doesn’t have to apologize for whatever he did wrong, going back to #2.  He’s still in trouble, I’m just not so mad anymore.
  5. I’m still hoping that we didn’t move too many cockroaches along with our boxes because I know we had them at the apartment once we started bringing in cardboard boxes and I heard that they love cardboard boxes so they probably just snuggled into as many of those boxes as they could.
  6. I hate cockroaches.
  7. But I hate spiders more.
  8. A frog jumped on my back last night when I opened the back door.  Scared me a lot.  Justin laughed and thought it was the coolest thing ever.
  9. He then lifted heavy boxes for a while so we could put together the piano, which is also heavy.  Still laughing?
  10. And then we piled boxes back in front of the piano again.  But at least it’s up off the floor where it’s not going to have something fall on it.
  11. Tonight we’re going to dig out the kitchen.  I’m getting really tired of not being able to find food in our kitchen, so I’m looking forward to tonight a lot.
  12. I really hope we don’t find cockroaches.
  13. My sister-in-law, Jessi, found one in her make-up bag on Sunday when she went to get ready for bed.  I was sitting downstairs and heard this loud screeching and then something hitting the floor rapidly.  I think she hates cockroaches more than me.
  14. When I got home from work on Monday, after Justin’s family had mostly left, I realized how much noise their dog, Smidge, made just walking around the house.  It was so quiet after he left that it made me sad.
  15. I cried when my dog Ginger died.  I was away at college and got the news, I think, in an email.  I went to tell my brother, who was working in the computer lab, and then went back to my dorm room and cried.  Mom and Dad buried her under the side of the garden.  Which, when I think about it, is a little gross.  Maybe I’m wrong on that one.
  16. Sometimes I forget that my grandfathers are both gone.  It makes me sad.  And I wish that I could have introduced Justin to them.
  17. Someone needs to invent inexpensive teleportation devices pronto so I can visit my family easier with less expense and time involved.
  18. Also, I need to cheer up this list or I’m going to start crying.
  19. I think it’s that kind of day, though, because I almost started crying while reading a post by a man talking about the passing of his father-in-law.  Which, okay, is sad.  But I don’t usually tear up so easily.
  20. Okay, so that’s not true, but I don’t usually tear up while I’m at work.  I try very hard not to do that at work.  I carry my heart on my sleeve and I can’t hide it for anything.
  21. I love the number 20.  (Not what I wrote for #20, I’m just talking about the number itself.)
  22. I’m meeting with a professional organizer on Friday.  She’s willing to talk with me about what’s involved in that profession and how I could get started in it.  I’m nervous and excited and not really sure what else.
  23. But the more I’ve thought about it, the more being a PO sounds like the thing for me.  It’s the only thing at work I get passionate about.
  24. After meeting with her this week, my next task is to start lining up people who will let me try organizing their spaces.  I’ve got a stack of books about organizing at home, but those won’t do me any good if I don’t try it out with real live people.
  25. And then I need to find out how to run a small business before I get it all messed up.
  26. But I’m really excited about this.  I’ve been thinking about professional organizing for several years, ever since I discovered the National Organization of Professional Organizers.
  27. I believe I can be one rockin’ professional organizer.
  28. And even if it turns out that I can’t cut it, I think I would regret not taking the chance to step out and try it.
  29. I’m writing this in between other thoughts and projects at work, so if it seems disjoint, that’s why.  I really am trying to get work done, I just have this itching need to write today, since I haven’t done it in such a long time.
  30. And that thought in #29 led me to a thought about having my in-laws in the house for a few weeks and how it really wasn’t a very big apartment and Justin and I are still newlyweds and the whole sex issue.  But I’m not going to go there because I suspect it’ll just end up making us all feel awkward.
  31. I’m realizing how gosh-awful lot 100 things is.
  32. We discovered the Atlanta Bread Company over the weekend.  Most delicious sandwich I’d had in years.
  33. The best restaurant sandwich before that one was probably the one from the Red Onion in Burlington, VT, that I got on St. Patrick’s day, 2006.
  34. My favorite way to eat ice cream lately—vanilla bean with maraschino cherries and grenadine on top.
  35. Justin and I watched season one of Heroes a month or so before the move.  How on earth did we miss this when it was on TV?!  We’re anxiously awaiting the release of season 2 on DVD.  And then for the start of season 3, which is going to drive us crazy because then we’ll have to wait a week between episodes.
  36. One of our other favorite shows started last week.  Eureka shows on the Sci Fi channel and is a wonderful, happy show.  Maybe we’ll have cable and internet working in the house by next week sometime.
  37. I still can’t get over how great the last episode of House, M.D. was last season.  I cried and cried.  Poor, poor Wilson.
  38. The last episode of Bones was more frustrating.  Unexpected and bothersome, but they should have taken the time to develop the story more.
  39. My two favorite fast and easy homemade meals are toasted cheese and scrambled eggs in a flour tortilla.
  40. Also a delicious option is cutting a sweet potato into strips and baking it in the oven after coating the strips with olive oil, salt, and pepper.
  41. Justin called me a little while ago to tell me that the internet was down at work and he’d been sent home.  After all, if you’re a web-development company, you’re pretty much out of luck when your medium is missing.  So he’s unpacking.  I’m so jealous and I wish I was home.  Right now!
  42. We figured out what to do about my Buick.  I called a company this morning who’s towing it from the apartment and I’m going down on Friday to sign over the title.  And then they’ll write me a check for it.  It’s the best option we found.  And I’m glad to have it out of our hands.
  43. I’m getting a haircut on S
    aturday.  I’m looking forward to getting rid of all these split ends.
  44. I also have to run to the Comcast office on Friday to drop off the cable box and modem so they’ll cut off our service.  It’s a little irritating to have to drive all the way out there, but I’ll already be in town for the meeting with the PO and the people about the Buick.
  45. Justin called our new cable people this afternoon and they’re going to come by next Wednesday to plug us into their system.  So hopefully when I get home a week from today I’ll be able to get online and check all of my email that I haven’t been getting.
  46. I wonder if I could get out of work early today so I could go home and help Justin unpack.  What do I need to accomplish today before I leave?
  47. Today and tomorrow are the last days I have to cover for the guy at work.  He took his adopted children up to Canada to establish their Canadian citizenship.  The kids are from Russia.  Living in the US.  But they’re Canadian.  It’s great!
  48. By the end of tomorrow, though, I won’t have to do a bunch of the things that have been driving me crazy at work.  I’m looking forward to handing this all back to him because I’m about 80% sure that I’m not doing it correctly.  That there’s something I’m missing in the process.
  49. I’m also 100% sure that if I’ve messed something up, he can fix it and it won’t be much of a problem.  But I’ll be really glad to not be messing up his work anymore.
  50. I’m stopping at 50.  If I get motivated I’ll try to write another 50 some other time, but I’m going to stop there and see if I can get out of here early.