Guestroom? Check!

Yesterday evening, Justin and I kicked some major packing butt.  We made a guest bedroom.  That’s impressive when you consider that we started with a mostly functional office.

When we started last night, we had several boxes in the living room and a mess on the dining room table.  The office had two desks (with drawers filled) and a filing cabinet (also filled), four bookshelves (mostly emptied), two computers and two printers, and miscellaneous bookends and things scattered throughout the room.

We disassembled Justin’s desk and carried it down to the garage.  We emptied the filing cabinet and carried the cabinet downstairs.  We left the papers where I can continue integrating our two systems.  That cabinet, by the way, was really astonishingly heavy.  We carried the bookshelves down to the garage.  We emptied my desk and moved it into our bedroom, and moved the piano from the bedroom into the office.  We emptied my trunk, carried all the contents downstairs and moved the trunk itself into the office.  We moved one computer into the bedroom and the other into the living room where it’s set up on a table next to the TV.  We boxed up all the other miscellaneous bookends and leftover remnants from the room and completely emptied it out.

Then we arranged the piano along one wall, set up the inflatable mattress with sheets, blankets, and pillows, rolled out an area rug to make it more comfortable, set the recliner in one corner, a full-length mirror near the door, and my trunk in the closet, creating a room that is perfectly suited for the guests we have arriving later this afternoon.

The only things left in that room that don’t really belong are my bridesmaid dresses in the closet, a couple pictures that are stacked along the wall, also in the closet, a stack of bricks and planks that had been a bookshelf, and a laptop in pieces on the top shelf of the closet.

From office to bedroom in one evening!  And it looks cozy!  The only thing that could make it better was if we’d brought up my bed from the garage instead of using the air mattress, but that’s way too much work for this short of time.

The rest of the house looks really spiffy, too.  There aren’t any boxes stacked in the living room any more.  The kitchen is cleaned, our bedroom is cleaned (we even made the bed this morning), and the stacks of loose items and boxes in the dining room are stacked along the far wall and organized.

We started around 7:00 when we got home, stopped briefly for our pizza delivery, and finished cleaning up around 11:30.  Needless to say, we are completely exhausted and sore this morning.  But, oh!  So excited about how great the house looks.

Our guests get into Savannah this morning around 11:30.  Justin has the car in Hilton Head, so they’re going to have to take a taxi to the house, but they’re going to have a comfortable space to be in while waiting for us to get home.

And when the day comes when we’re moving the boxes into the truck and to the other house, we aren’t going to have to carry all of this stuff down these stairs!  That’s going to make the day go much easier than it could have.  It’s also really nice how clean the house is able to look without piles of boxes stacked up in the rooms.

All in all, I am absolutely tickled today about the progress that we’re making on this moving thing.  I really think we’re going to be okay!