Comments follow-up

Okay, so the comments are not working as well as I had hoped that they were.

If you create a comment anonymously, I don’t get it.  I don’t even see it when I’m logged in the administrative side.  I’m not sure why or where they’re going, but they’re not back here and they’re up front, either.

When I leave a comment while I’m logged in, though, it does seem to work.  If you sign in, and it gives a couple of options for how to do that on the log-in page, then it seems to be more friendly.

Again, it could just be me.  I have no idea why it’s working like this.  The preferences are set to allow comments from anybody and it shouldn’t be submitting them for approval anywhere.

So, I’m still very confused about it.  Could someone try to log in and comment, please?


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  1. I think the problem is how complicated it is to login. It tells me something is wrong regarding SMTP when I try to login with MT, but the other options mean you have to set up an account somewhere else to login here and I think that deters folks if they don’t already have accounts there. By the time we’ve been taken somewhere else to register for another account, it seems like a lot of work. Does that make sense? I just happen to already have a lj account so it wasn’t that big of a deal. . .

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