Multipurpose Tea

Conversation between Justin and me while getting ready for bed after watching The Bourne Ultimatum.

Him:  I still can’t believe you thought that was the same guy.
Me:  He looked the same!  Same chins, same bushy eyebrows.  I swear they could be brothers.  Separated by 20 years.
Him:  They look nothing alike!
Me:  Yes, they do!
Him:  All old men must all just look alike to you.  . . . This is going to be a problem when we’re old.  I’ll find you making out with random old men on the street thinking that they’re me!
Me:  I’ll put a bell on you so I know where to find you.
Him:  Oh, okay.

It’s storming outside.  I’m sitting at my desk and I can hear the thunder and the rain pounding on the roof.  It’s calmed down a little now, but it was impressive for a while.  It would have been great to be able to sit and watch it through a window.

Not much new to talk about today.  My ears still hurt.  Did I mention my left ear yesterday?  The interior zit is on the right ear and my left ear has a pimple on the very front tip of the ear.  I think.  I can’t actually find anything, but it hurts.  It could be a bug bite or a splinter or something, I guess, but until I know otherwise, I’m assuming it’s part of the pimple outbreak that I’m facing.  The outbreak continues on my eyebrow and my neck and else where on my body.  It’s kind of frustrating.

Justin tried to do something about my ear last night but it didn’t work well.  And by that I mean that I ended up sitting on the counter crying from the pain while Justin hugged me and apologized.  The poor guy—he feels so bad even though I asked him to poke at it.  Even soaking it with a hot washcloth didn’t help much.  So I iced it to get the pain down and we left it alone.

At work today, I’ve been putting my tea bag on it.  I’m sure I look like an idiot, hand to my head, tea dripping down my arm, but it feels amazing.  Plus it might actually be helping.  The tea bag seems to stay hot longer than a washcloth, and I suspect that the tea might actually have some effect on the whole thing.  It feels less sensitive and swollen.  I’ve taken some Advil today, too, which might be helping with the pain.

And if my acne problem is really the most interesting part of my day, then I really need to start up an interesting hobby.  🙂

5 weeks until we move!