The pain in my ear

I’ve been trying to decide lately which is more painful:  A zit located inside my nose or a zit located inside my ear.  Generally, I’d say that inside the nose is more painful.  The tissue there is very thin and sensitive and it hurts having the pressure there that’s involved in the nature of the infliction and it’s subsequent removal.

A zit inside the ear, however, is much more difficult to reach.  It’s not out of reach, as long as it’s not in the canal, but it requires a lot more poking and maneuvering and tugging, all of which can be very painful.

A couple of days ago, I developed an impressive zit inside my ear.  I’m not even sure which day it was any more because I didn’t think it would be significant.  I noticed the swelling inside my ear and asked Justin to take a look.  With the help of some common bathroom items, he was able to relieve the pressure that had been building, with some rather impressive and disgusting results.  It was great!  I felt much better and I kept poking at it to make sure that the entire problem had been removed.

Yesterday, I started to get the distinct impression that there were some lingering issues.  By the end of the evening, I was absolutely sure and I once again asked Justin to poke at it.  He did, and while the result was only bleeding and release of a clear fluid, I had relief from the pressure.

This morning, it’s worse.  My ear is slightly swollen and sensitive to the touch.  I asked Justin to look, but he wasn’t able to get any result from poking at it, primarily because he is not fond of causing me pain and every time he touched my ear I’d hold my breath, grip his waist tightly, and shake.  After he gave up, I wandered around the apartment with an ice block on my ear to relieve the pain.

So, today I’m inclined to say that a zit inside an ear is more painful than a zit inside a nose.  I’ll be spending the day wanting to touch my ear, and then being violently reminded of why it’s a terrible idea.  I’ll be painfully reminded to hold my phone against the opposite side of my head.  And I’ll be wondering how bad a zit or infection or whatever this has become would have to be before I go to a doctor to lance it, hopefully with the aid of some very strong drugs.

Until then, my plan is to make it through the workday without ripping my ear off.  When I get home, I’m going to put a damp, warm washcloth on my ear and pray for relief.  If the Lord tells me that suffering builds character, I’ll ice the stupid thing until I can’t feel it any more.

At least my leg stopped twitching.  I exercised a couple days in a row and that took care of it.  Go figure!