Not-so-Smart Saturday

10 things that make me happy lately . . .

1.    Pictures of my sister’s pregnant belly
2.    Pictures of my niece and nephew
3.    Standing on the porch when it’s raining
4.    Good Earth’s Sweet and Spicy tea
5.    When Justin makes the bed
6.    That we’re moving (but not the work involved)
7.    A clean kitchen
8.    Not being so afraid to spend money
9.    Sudoku
10.    Cuddling with Justin

This weekend Justin and I decided we’re never moving to Charleston, SC.  We also discovered that while the Smart fortwo may be a cute, wonderful car, I’m not willing to wait 18 months to get a functional car.  Also reinforced was that I’m easily intimidated.

We decided that we’d like to look at options for me to buy a car, starting at the top and working our way down.  So on Saturday morning, we drove the two hours to Charleston to visit the Smart dealership.  I have a serious geek-crush on the Smart cars.  They’re like you’ve taken the backseat out of car and then swished the whole thing back together again.  They have better safety features than most cars and amazing mileage.  And they’re just too dang cute!

Unfortunately, there’s also a huge waiting list to get one.  If I put in my $99 reservation for one now, I’d get it sometime near the beginning 2010.  And while I love the car, I’m just not willing to wait that long when my transportation issue culminates in August when we move.  So we’re nixing that idea and we’ll look at dealerships that are in town.

Most of the trip was frustrating, though.  I got to ride in one of the cars, but I was too intimidated by the crazy Charleston traffic to actually drive the thing.  And then I was so frustrated and overwhelmed by the whole situation that I started crying once Justin and I got back into his car.  We tried to enjoy the city, but just ended up driving around and getting a little lost.  The city itself is much too industrial for my tastes and the people living there drive like maniacs.  The only reason we’ll ever head back there again is because we discovered that they have a Costco there.  It’s probably the closest one, and with the connections Justin’s family has to the business, I expect we’ll be shopping there again.

Which doesn’t bother me too much because I got some really cute tops and a fabulously soft and squishy body pillow.

Costco saved the day from being a total waste.  Even the KFC we stopped at so I could get some lunch reinforced our dislike for the area—so very nasty.  We got back into the car without food and literally fled the county.

I hope to go visit some of the local car dealerships this coming weekend.  There’s a stretch of Abercorn that’s basically car dealer after car dealer, and I think we’ll be able to at least pick up an idea about how much we’re looking at and how things are done in this area.  And if I do test drive a car, I’ll be much more comfortable because I know the area.  The people might drive crazy here, too, but at least I understand them.

By the way, comments appear to be broken.  I’m not sure why, because I’m always getting comments from random computer bots, but apparently they’re just not working right now.  I’ve mentioned it to Justin, but I’m not sure when it’s going to be fixed.