Apparently I’m very dull

I’m clueing into the fact that people are tired of hearing me talk about Oh!  I’m so tired!  And my job is yucky!  And I don’t do anything at all besides watch TV!  I don’t have children or pets to tell amusing stories about and there’s really a limit to how much I can talk about . . . whatever it is that I talk about.

And that maybe it’s not that there’s something confusing about the comment feature on my site—it’s just that nobody wants to tell me how terribly boring I’ve become.

I’ve apparently become terribly boring.

Which really begs the question:  Was I ever very interesting to start with?

So.  Time to see what I can do.

And because I’m totally short on imagination today and I’m really supposed to be concentrating more on work than I am (I am doing projects in between writing this, I swear!), I’ll do a list.

10 things/links/pictures I thought were interesting lately:

  1. This picture.
  2. This article about a piglet who didn’t want to get her feet dirty.
  3. The BMW concept car that has cloth instead of fiberglass on the outside.
  4. This amusing photo series.
  5. A fun little writing challenge.
  6. Clock!
  7. The website for an artist I enjoy is blocked by SmartFilter at work because of “Criminal Skills.”   This is absolutely hilarious because it’s a website with pictures of comic book characters and Star Wars and “a thousand little green monsters.”  Her work is absolutely adorable and I have no idea where the filtration is getting its information.
  8. Apparently my life is so dull lately I can’t think of a whole list of 10.