Highlights from my weekend:

  • Mom and Dad sold the house!!  I’m still so thrilled about this!  Happy, happy, God is good!

  • We went to see Ironman.  Very fun movie with explosions and pretty clothes on Pepper Pots.  I enjoyed it a lot.

  • I finally finished my sewing projects—I have a mostly-done Ren Fest costume that’s missing something I can’t identify and a fun pair of lounge pants that I accidentally shortened the saddle of too far and now they sort of creep downward over time.  But they’re very comfortable.

  • I finally mailed out the box to Grandma with pictures of the wedding (she doesn’t have a computer) and few other items to try to make up for having the wedding so far away.  It’s not much, but I feel good about having done something.

  • Justin and I finally caught up on the last three episodes of House, M.D.  I’m pretty sure the season ended on May 19th, so we’re not all that far behind, really.  But what a horribly brutal season finale!  I cried through the last 15 minutes of the show and a good 10 minutes after it ended.  And then I lay in bed thinking about it for a long time after that.  It was brilliantly done—the acting was great, the writing was incredible, everything was just perfect.  And horribly, heartbreakingly sad.  And we have to wait until September 16th to know how everything is going to change because of this episode!  

  • The move is sinking into reality.  We filled in the information for our landlord and I’ve started to figure out what all is going to have to happen for this to work out.  There’s a lot that needs to be done.  We need to save up money for the deposit.  We’re going to need to hire a truck.  We need to find proper insurance.  We need to figure out what we’re going to do about my car.  We need to pack.  It seems like two months is too early to start packing, but I also don’t want to wait and pack at the last minute.  I’m looking for that happy medium between being very aware of what needs to be accomplished and not freaking out about it.  I have not yet achieved that.  What on earth are we going to do about my car?