I’m a happy girl

Oops!  I keep forgetting to post the pictures of the townhouses we looked at last week.  We have a few more feelers out to see if we can see some more this coming weekend.  We’ve heard back from one, but hopefully we’ll have a few more options to make up for the drive that far.

I sent my resume out to four companies last night.  The interview from the beginning of May still hasn’t shown any sign of letting me know anything about the position.  Because it’s at Justin’s company, I know that the girl who did have the position was fired a little while ago.  And that they’re not convinced they’re going to fill it again.  So.  While they’re working on making up their minds, I have to keep on moving along.

Looking over the job descriptions, I remembered that I’m really over-qualified for the job I’m doing right now.  I can do so much more!  And I could get paid so much more!  That was surprising, too.  Some of the descriptions I read yesterday were clearly things that I could do.  And they paid twice what I’m getting right now.  Seriously?  You’ll pay me that much to work for you?  Well, okay then!

So hopefully I’ll hear back from them sometime soon, too.  I’d love to have new job before we move so we don’t have to worry so much about my car.  My poor, lonely little car who hasn’t been touched in almost a month.

Today is two months exactly since the wedding!  We’re still flying high.  It’s wonderful.  I’ve even overcome that thing when we’d start messing around and I’d hear this voice in my head (a voice surprisingly similar to my mom’s) that would say, “Young lady, what, exactly, do you think you’re doing?!”  After 28 years of keeping things cool and watching out for things getting too frisky, it’s a huge shift to actually let things heat up.  It’s fun!

And things are really going well for us right now, especially financially.  Because Justin’s working solidly again and because we’re no longer worrying about expenses for the wedding and because we both got a good deal of money back from taxes and the economic stimulus package, we are financially in a place I’ve never seen us before.  We’re in a place I’ve never, ever been before.  The number I see right now when I check our balance at the bank is a number I’ve never seen in any account I’ve had before.  And it means that for the first time in a very long time, I’m not afraid of bills at the end of the month.  And I’m not worried about paying off the credit card debt in a reasonable length of time.  And I’m comfortable thinking about the number of airplane tickets we’re going to need to buy before the end of the year.

Now, narratively, what this means is that sometime in the very near future, something is going to go dreadfully, expensively wrong.  Last time I felt this comfortable, Justin’s job disappeared.  If it was a story, it’d now be my turn for that to happen.  So it really is a good thing that I’m being preemptive on that front and already sending out my resume.

Or, you know, I’d get pregnant, but that’s just not something either of us is willing to consider right now, so we’re not even going there.  Too scary!

Moving on, I’ve been on a really big Manhattan Transfer kick.  I’m not really sure why, but I’ve been listening to all of their music that I can get my hands on lately.  And, thanks to the generosity of my older brother several years ago, that means I’ve got about 6 hours of their music on my home computer.  At home.  Not at work.  At work I’m getting frustrated at my lack of Manhattan Transfer.  Angst!  Sorrow!  Ooo, Rockapella!

And I think that’s where I’ll quit for right now before I start rambling and complaining about work.

Have a great day everybody!!