Weekend rehash

I had a really, really wonderful weekend.

Friday I got up with Justin to see him off to work. And then I cleaned the house and did some minor projects.  Most of the day is sort of a blur, now, but I spent a good amount of time trying to find apartments/townhouses/houses for us to look at on Saturday.  I wasn’t all that successful, but I did get some feelers out there to try to get some information.

Friday night, Justin and I went on a date!  We dressed-up even—me in a skirt and heels, him in a shirt and tie.  (Well, he gave me 45 minutes warning—what else was I going to do with the time?  And then he had to dress to match me!)  We went to Target for some sundry items, and then to dinner at one of our favorite places:  Savannah Gyro.  Located in the Café Court at the Savannah Mall.  We really are simple people.  After stopping by a few other places in the mall, we went to the movies.  We had planned to see Ironman, but we got to the theatre too late, so we saw Prince Caspian instead.  It was good!  I liked it a lot.  And we sat in front of this cute little girl who kept commenting through the whole movie, “Oo!  Horses!” and the like.  It was great!

The most exciting part of our Saturday was looking at a couple townhouses.  We had appointments with two realtors to look over rental units.  The first was at Wellstone at Bluffton and we absolutely adore this place.    The community is still developing, but it’s currently stalled out because of the economy.  The unit we looked at is currently not quite finished, but it’s really nice.  It’d be really nice to have a two-story house, with the kitchen on the first floor, even an attached garage.  The bathroom is kind of small—we’re spoiled by our garden tub, but the tub is jetted, so that’d be cool.  The realtor we spoke with actually has two units that will be available when we’ll be needing one, and we’re leaning toward the one we didn’t see.  It’s the same floorplan, but it faces east-west.  And hopefully the countertops are a different color, because the one we saw was really busy.

We drove around a few other neighborhoods, looking at places I’d seen in my searching on Friday but hadn’t heard back from yet, just to get an idea of the neighborhood and the like.  And then we found this fabulous shopping center where we ate coal-baked pizza for lunch.

And then we went to our second appointment for the day.  This place was enormous.  Seriously, seriously huge.  But the kitchen is laid out really awful and the neighborhood is really sketchy.  It’s a shame, because the bathroom is amazing.  Double vanity, separate shower and garden tub.  And the ceilings were really tall.  And the first floor (of three) is a two-car garage.  If the kitchen was completely different and we could relocate the house to a totally different part of town, we’d probably scoop up the place with no hesitations.  But like it is—it’s not worth the money they’re asking for it.  Plus, the realtor was kind of skeazy and scheduled two couples (us and another one) to look at the house at the same time.  And the power wasn’t even on in the place!  What kind of realtor shows a place with no power?

So, we left our searching for the day thinking that if we had to pick today, we’d take the unit we didn’t see at Wellstone.  But I’d still like to see if I can find a few other places to look before we make up our mind completely.  That’s one of my major projects for this week because I really want to have this thing done quickly, before all the places get taken and before it starts to actually become a worry.

Sunday was a really relaxed day.  I don’t remember much of what we did, except that it was a beautiful day and very relaxing.  I watched Enchanted, which was adorable.  We watched the second half of Children of Men, which wasn’t worth it.  (We’d watched the first half a while ago, got sick of it, and stopped.  And then we heard that the ending was actually good, so we figured we’d watch it to see the ending.  The ending was terrible.)  We ate waffles, which were delicious.  It’s so strange that I can’t remember why exactly, but Justin and I both agreed that it was one of the most wonderful days we’ve had in a while.

Yesterday was another lovely day.  Justin made me waffles for breakfast (he’d hoped to wake me up with them, but I got out of bed too early) and helped me tidy up a little bit.  I ran to the store for a few things, mailed out a few things, took care of some mending projects and a few other random projects.  It was a much more productive day, which made the whole weekend feel much more productive.  But also relaxed.

And look at how many items I got to cross off my list!  I’d say that makes for a darn good weekend, myself.  🙂

Happy belated Birthday, Tim!   I hope it was a good one.

And I hope everybody had a great Memorial Day.