I keep busy enough

Things I’ve been doing lately:

  • Reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.  Fabulous book by a first-time author.  It’s enormous, the paperback version being 722 pages.  And this is only the first book.  Apparently there are several.  And this one drops off in the middle of the story leaving all of us desperately waiting until next April when he publishes the next book.  In order to mollify ourselves, those of us who have read it are forcing it onto other people, badgering them until they read it, too, and thus joining us in our suffering.  Even webcomic artists are getting in on this:  http://goblinscomic.com/comics/20080502b.jpg

  • Sewing without patterns.  I’ve been trying to make a costume for the Ren Faire, but I didn’t want to spend money on a pattern.  So, though help from Google and another friend, I found these two sites.  I figured out how to make three halves into a whole for my skirt here:  http://www.zilltech.com/FAQCostumeCS.html.  And I’m currently working on making a modified chemise following the instructions here:  http://www.reddawn.net/costume/chemise.htm.  So far, the skirt is a little short and has a strange sort of wave to the bottom, probably due in part to me completely forgetting to have a friend cut off the bottom of the skirt after pulling it all sorts of angry ways to get the stretch out of it (the fabric was cut completely ignoring bias of the weave).  And the chemise has one sleeve attached, mostly, after having it unstitched completely once already, and is waiting for me to attach the second one.  I also made a pair of these pants:  http://oakdancer.com/parenting/paganpants.htm.  They’re quite comfortable, but I should have altered the length of the saddle because the waistline is much too high.

  • Looking for a new place for Justin and me to live.  We’re looking at moving to Bluffton, which is significantly smaller than Savannah.  It has very few apartment complexes listed online or in the Apartment Guide for our region.  So I’ve been trawling through Craigslist and other online sites looking for information on places to rent in the area.  Thankfully, there is a lot of growth happening in that area, so we’ve actually got quite a few options; it’s just proving to be difficult to find out information on those places.  Most of the places I’ve contacted are actually being managed/rented out through a realtor.  It’s an interesting challenge, but I’m having fun.  We have until August 10th to move, so we have two months before we really need to worry.  Not a whole lot of time, but right now I’m not too concerned.

  • Working.  Since I switched to 10 hour days, 4 days a week, my day is a whole lot shorter.  It’s amazing how getting home around 7 can make going to bed around 10:30 really difficult.  Where did the evening go?  What did I get accomplished?  It’s a good thing I have a three-day weekend to make up for it.  I feel really bad for Justin, though.  It’ll be nice when he doesn’t have to drive so far and spend so much of his day just driving.