Photo test

This is a test to see how this new program works with photos.  If this works, you should see a picture of a tree.  With a face.  This was outside the bedroom window of the cabin we stayed in on our honeymoon.

tree face

Oh!  It works!  The resizing thing even worked out really well.  This is very good.

Second test—using a picture already saved to my gallery instead of one from my hard-drive.  This should be a pink flower:

pink flower

Also seems to have worked!  Awesome.  Posts with pictures are much more interesting.  If I can get them to post easily, and this seems to be working really easily, then I’ll be much more likely to do that.

Now if I could work out why my tags keep going to Technorati and not working with the actual tag system on the site . . . .

Question for those of you who have me on your RSS feed:  Do you have a thing show up every time I edit a post?  I’m wondering if it shows up as new every time I open this thing to change something, or whether it just showed up only the one time.  Please let me know.

Thanks for your patience, everybody!  I’m having fun playing.  🙂