Update on platelets and crowns

Now that I’ve written about the big news about our roommate, I can write about the little things. 🙂 I’m glad that people were supportive of our decision to help out Kay, by the way. I was worried, for some reason.

Anyway, in other news, my temporary crown is doing just fine. I’m hoping that the permanent one is in when I go in on Friday to get my filling replaced so I can be all done with dental work for a while. But I won’t know until I get there.

Also, yesterday I went in and donated platelets again. I got a call asking me to come back in since they were desperately low. I asked about whether or not I should just donate whole blood, because of the whole O negative thing, and she said that usually, yes, they’d rather I donated whole blood, but right now, they need platelets.

So I signed up for an appointment and went in yesterday. When the lady taking down my information saw that I’m O neg, she went out to talk with her supervisor about whether or not I should do platelets or whole blood, but it turns out that my platelet count is enviably high. She didn’t actually tell me what it was, but it’s apparently lovely. So, I sat and did that again.

I brought in Undercover Blues and it took just a little bit longer than that movie, since because my count is so high, I didn’t have to be hooked up for the whole 120 minutes. It actually did end up being pretty close to that, since my vein pressure for the machine kept getting so low and she’d have to hit the button again, but it wasn’t that bad. If I’d had to be plugged in for the whole two hours and it kept stopping like that, it would have taken much longer, since the timer on the machine pauses when it errors.

They let Justin sit in the back this time, at a little table in the same room as the blood drawing, but not back where I was at. It was nicer for both of us that they let him be back there. He wants to be there in case I don’t handle the draw well, and last time he had to sit way out in the lobby. I handled it better this time, too. I didn’t get the lips tingling much and I didn’t feel nearly so wiped out afterward. We did make sure I got some snacks and fluids back into me, but it wasn’t as necessary as last time.

The recommendation that they gave me was the next time I wanted to donate, I should come in and donate platelets again and then also do red cells at the end. They just program the machine to do both things, one after the other. It’ll do the platelets for the amount of time it’s supposed to do, and then it’ll pull red cells. It’ll kick me to the 8 weeks cycle instead of the 7 days cycle, but I think it’ll be a good use of my donations. And because it’s a smaller needle for the platelets donation, I expect that I won’t get so dizzy as I do at bloodmobile donations. Also, just not sitting in that rocking bus would be great.

So I’m probably going to set that up in the next couple weeks. I don’t think I’ll have time this coming weekend, but maybe the one after that will work.

Getting crowned (part 1)

I started writing this post yesterday and didn’t finish it. I’m going to post it as is for the most part –with this introduction, and then a follow-up at the end of it to close up where I’d left it yesterday. So, for the most of this, where it references a day, like “today,” it means yesterday, Tuesday.

You know how I have great and amazingly strong teeth that are resistant to cavities? I think I’ve had one cavity ever and it was because the sealant that we got put on my tooth cracked and it got underneath where I couldn’t get to it to clean.

Well, I went to a new dentist a couple weeks ago and technology here is different from where I had been going in Bluffton. Here they took a picture of my teeth, and when they did, they noticed something about my lowest, furthest back tooth on the right-hand side — it was cracked! Who knows for how long because it didn’t hurt. But it was definitely cracked down the middle of the tooth toward the back of my mouth. Forget cavities, people! My teeth just break in half! My one filling, by the way, also cracked.

So. There’s nothing to do about the tooth except for getting it crowned, so that was what I did today. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve had to have any work done on my teeth besides cleanings. The whole way through, I kept asking Dr. Ruby and her assistant Shelly, “What’s next? What does that do?” They were okay with that, though, and said that I did really well, considering how far back the tooth was located in my mouth.

You’re probably all familiar with the process, but I’d never had one done before. And I’m sitting here now, numb up to my ear with a tongue too big for my mouth, trying to not think about it too much because it’s already aching and I’m not looking forward to what it’s going to feel like when it stops being numb. So I’m writing in the hopes that it’ll keep my mind off of things.

I might be going about this the wrong way….

Anyway, for anyone who hasn’t ever had a crown done before, the hygienist, Shelly, brought me back and took an x-ray of my tooth — which starts us out uncomfortable already because I have a short little mouth and sticking those films in there to get the x-ray is really hard and it hurts. But she gets the shot she needs and does some poking and honestly, I can’t even remember everything. But eventually she took a couple different types of putty and a mold and has me bite down on it to take a mold of my tooth for later. I’m pretty sure this is going to head to the labs so they can make a permanent mold for my tooth.

Anyway, Dr. Ruby comes in and does a few tests with a piece of gauze that’s been sprayed with a thing that’s really cold to make sure that the nerve in my tooth isn’t dead. She tests a few teeth to make sure that they get cold and then tests the back tooth and it doesn’t really get cold on the side, but on the top, it DEFINITELY gets cold. So the nerve is fine and I don’t need a root canal. YEA!

So she numbs me up and that’s the part that’s bugging me the most right now because she did it once, came back and did a secondary one, which she said she normally does, and then later on, because I was still feeling cold where she was working, she numbed me up a third time. And now? I can’t feel my ear on my right hand side. And halfway down to my shoulder. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I honestly am numb up to my ear. It’s uncomfortable.

But I’m sure it’s better than it’s going to be once I get feeling back because I can already tell I’m going to be ACHING.

Anyway, she numbs me up, lets it take effect, and then starts filing down my tooth. So there’s me, leaning back in the chair, with the dentist on one side grinding my tooth down and her hygienist on the other side with the suction and holding my tongue out of the way and I’m sitting there counting seconds to try to distract myself from how uncomfortable my mouth is getting and I need to swallow because there’s water in the back of my throat and I’m having trouble breathing through my nose because of the angle of my neck but there’s no way I’m breathing through my mouth right now. And I’m thinking, “Really, could we make this even more complicated?!”

All told, though, it wasn’t horrible. I’m uncomfortable, but Dr. Ruby and Shelly were very nice and very good at what they were doing, as far as I could tell. They put up with all my questions and explained things to me every time I asked.

And I have to put this on pause for right now because we’re heading to our chiropractor appointment.


Following up now, the day after. I started getting the feeling back in my mouth while we were at the chiropractor’s office. In fact, I started getting feeling back in my tongue on the way there, enough so that I could finally locate the piece of gauze that was in my mouth but we hadn’t been able to find the three times we looked while I was at the dentist’s. Yeah, three times we looked because I said it really felt like something was still in there. And it wasn’t until 2 1/2 hours later that I found the darn thing tucked way back under my tongue.

Anyway, by the time we got back home around 8:00, I had all but the smallest part of my bottom lip back. And the pain wasn’t that bad. I took some Advil and ate some ice cream, but mostly it was just sore from being open for so long. I got to the appointment at 2:00 and I left at 5:00. There was a lot of “Okay, now we have to let that take effect” and “Now that has to harden for a few minutes” so it wasn’t like my mouth was open the whole time. But it was still a lot of having my mouth open.

My temporary crown is fitting just fine, if a teeny bit high. My gums are still tender around it and not quite sitting the way they’re supposed to. The place where she stuck me with the shot feels bruised and tender and unhappy. But mostly it’s my jaw muscles that are aching. I had trouble getting a spoonful of food in there because it doesn’t want to open all the way, something Justin (and Amy, I believe) are both familiar with. I’ve found if I can remember to move my jaw every little while, just to keep the muscles warmed up, then it feels better. And that clenching my jaw, like I do when I’m frustrated and stressed out, is not a good thing to do right now, but I keep on doing, unfortunately, because that’s just the way my day has gone. But that’s a story for another day.

My follow-up appointment is in 4 weeks to get the permanent crown put on. I have an appointment just before then to get my cracked filling fixed, so if it’s in by then, I’ll get a two-for-one. But otherwise, it’ll be a couple days after that.

I told Justin that we have a time-honored family tradition of having ice cream after dentists appointments. Followed by the traditional mocking of the people with numb faces as their ice cream spills down their cheeks. He thought that was a wonderful tradition, and laughed at me as I tried to eat my popsicle.

New look!

Hey everybody! Justin has been working really hard on getting the website fixed and we believe he’s got it finished! YEAH!!! Know what that means?


Yup! I’m about to go double-check that as soon as I put this post up, but you should be able to post comments again. And navigate to previous pages and all sorts of good things that didn’t work before now.

Sadly, the theme that I had up before doesn’t work anymore with the updated version of WordPress that we’ve got going now, so that had to go. But I kinda like the simplistic theme going on with this one. I’ll probably play around with it a little bit more and see if I want to add things, but for now, I’m pleased.

Working website again!! Woo!!

In other news, I’m posting this around 12:30 Wednesday from home because my chiropractor strongly advised that I take a day off, move as little as possible, ice my low back, and try to be less stressed out about everything because I’m messing myself up. My adjustment yesterday evening hurt a lot and I’d managed to get things tweaked around in a way that was entirely new and different for me. So he said to take a day off. And while I do have a lot of stuff that I need to get done, none of it was stuff that I couldn’t do tomorrow instead of today. So I’m taking a doctor-recommended wellness day. And it feels pretty good, actually. I hadn’t noticed how high strung I was getting.

So! Hopefully I’ll be back here posting again more frequently now that things are working properly again! And please feel free to leave me a comment!


EDITED TO ADD: To get to the comments, you have to click on the title of the post and then scroll to the bottom of the post. The comment block will show up there. I’m still working to see if there’s a way to make it easier to get there.

Also the profile pictures beside the comments are being weird. I’m not sure what’s happening there yet, either. So much stuff to figure out!!

More reasons why I’m glad to have a garage

Because my garage looks like this right now.

And my dining room looks like this.

And my living room looks like this.

And it doesn’t look like this.

Now, granted, there are more pieces of wood in that photo than there are out in my garage right now. This has some of the pieces for the bed that we made and not just the bookshelves.

I’m adding a coat of polyurethane to the bookshelves that we built before Grandma Rose came to visit us last Christmas. We ran out of time and we weren’t really sure we wanted to coat them. But mostly, we really ran out of time. And we decided the next time we had them apart, we’d figure out if we wanted to poly them. Well, after trying to dust them for a while not coated, I decided that I wanted to coat them because they’d be MUCH easier to keep tidy that way. Plus, I think the wood would stay nicer. And hey! We had to take them apart. So I’m trying to get that done before I head out of town.

Most of the pieces in the recent photos have polyurethane on one side, but some have a coat on both. I need to finish coating the ones that are only halfway done and sand all of them with a fine grit sandpaper. I’m not sure yet if I can do that with the electric sander — it might be TOO powerful for this. So I’ll probably have to do all the sanding by hand, which is ANNOYING. And I have to make sure I have a good mask so I don’t inhale all sorts of polyurethane dust. And then I’ll coat them again, hopefully before I go to California, so they have a full week to sit before we put them back together again and put books on them.

Although, we might hold off a little longer before putting them together again because when we made them last year, we didn’t put ALL the shelves in. We left the top two off because they were going to go further, overhanging the guest bed in the room, and we couldn’t afford all that wood at that time. Now, the shelves would be smaller, the same size as all the rest of them, but we would still need to buy the wood, sand it three times, condition it, stain it, poly coat it, sand it again, and poly coat it one more time. And if the weather is nice and dry, we might be able to get all that done in a couple days. But we’ll talk it through once he’s back home again.

This is what those shelves look like when they’re all put together, by the way.

Isn’t the paint on the walls in that room just AWFUL? She said it was supposed to be faux leather. Ugh. More reasons why I’m glad we moved! Did you see the beautiful red in the living room and dining room?

Also, if you were wondering, it’s been almost 30 days since we did our walk through with our landlady and we have NOT YET received our security deposit back or any letter saying anything about it. It’ll be 30 days on Monday. Anybody else NOT surprised?


Saturday = Sun room Storage Cleaning!

I don’t currently have the ability to type with the letter s. It won’t type on my keyboard. I’m going to type this and correct what I can via spell check and cutting and pasting the letter in question, but forgive me if I seem to be typing with a key gone. Because it is.

I haven’t posted in a few days, but I have been busy.

Wednesday, I came home and decided that I definitely was going to get some work done, so I made a list and worked my way through it. I got the guest bed fixed up with all the pillows and everything. I got the house tidied and bills paid and the checking account balanced. And I made some good progress on the filing cabinet situation. It’s still a mess, but it’s getting better.

Thursday, we had a game online with friends, starting at 7:00, so I got off work, grabbed dinner from a place in town, and got home in time to get set up for the game and that was my whole evening.

Friday, though. I decided to take the day off from work and get work done on the house — I had enough hours in at work and had enough done in order to not come in, so I wasn’t playing hookie, I swear. I ended up sleeping in later than expected, but I’m pretty sure that did me some good. And then I worked on putting all the contents from the bedroom closet back inside the closet. It still isn’t done, but I’m making progress there, too.

Still really full of stuff

At least I can find things now. I need to figure out how I want to organize the bedding, mostly. And then there are two boxes of things that I need to sort through to figure out what is worth keeping and what in’t. But I haven’t felt like taking the time for that yet, so they’re just sitting in there on the floor.

So much of where I’m at with this place right now is just being able to find the things I want when I want them. Today, I was looking for envelopes. I still don’t know where I put the dang box of them, but I found one so I was able to do what I was trying to do. But it is driving me absolutely bonkers that I can’t find the things that I know I have SOMEWHERE in this mess. So, like with the bedroom closet, I know it’s still a mess. But I can tell you that the blue box in that picture above, has stuff for the bathroom that I wasn’t sure yet what to do with. Now that I’m thinking about it, I actually found the perfect place for the things in that box in another box of stuff in another closet. But the point is, I know what’s in that box.

The blue box in the garage, by the way? Gardening stuff — gloves, a couple small pots, things that I’d need if I have something that’s growing in dirt.

Anyway, I’m working on a solution for the mountain of guest towels that we have (and we need to sort through and decide if we’re keeping ALL of them) and I’ve got to go back and work on the bedding and the boxes of my random stuff that needs to get sorted. But this closet is doing better.

My Friday also had a massage and a chiropractor appointment and some grocery shopping and laundry. And I feel like there was something else in there, but I can’t remember it right now.

Today, I got up and worked on the storage closet in the sun room.

Outside the front storage closet

This is the stuff that I wanted to put in there but already couldn’t fit inside the door.

Inside the front storage closet

This is what it looked like inside the closet. This is holding all the things that we don’t use on a regular basis — like Christmas decorations and clothes that I want to wear again and don’t right now and lots and lots of video game systems and games and things.


So I took everything out of the closet first. Eventually we’re going to put in shelving in here, I hope. Because it’s really hard to get to stuff in here without shelving.

Oh, right. Now to put it all back in.

That is a lot of stuff, really. It’s kind of impressive, in it’s own way. I think about my friend Becky, who lives in a camper trailer about the size of my sun room and wonder how she manages to live with so few things. And that I really should learn how to live with less things.

And then I look at my stuff and go “Oh! I like that thing. Let’s keep that.”

Anyway, the purple and green totes sitting outside of the closet were new ones that I got from Craigslist in order to consolidate some of the decorations and stuff. And I was able to do that. I had two paper boxes for Halloween decoration that I got into one tote and several small boxes of Christmas decoration that I got into two totes. Not everything fit, so I still have a few loose boxes for Christmas stuff, but it’s much better than it was.

It is better, I promise.

Not that it looks that much better, though. It still looks like an enormous mess. But the pile of white boxes up at the front are going up on eBay when Justin gets back. And behind that, most of the stuff on the right-hand half of the closet are boxes of gaming systems and video games and things that I need Justin to tell me if they’re going to get set up somewhere or if they’re staying in storage.

The left-hand side is stacked up 5 totes high, with some other stuff on the top so it’s all the way up to the ceiling.

I got to use my label maker

I had to put shims underneath the inside-edges of the totes because they all started to list toward the right, but they seem to be doing okay  now. And I know what’s in all those boxes and I’m good with them. And even though it’s messy looking, it’ll still be easier to get the decorations out than they were last year, when they were up in the attic.

And, most importantly, I could close the door and there wasn’t a bunch of stuff sitting out in the sun room.

So much more tidy!

That looks like a much more inviting place to sit and read a book. Now, if only all the bookshelves were up and the books weren’t sitting under a shower curtain on the other side of the sun room.

Lots of books. So many books.

But there they sit. With the packing paper I need to return to Raymonde at work and my yoga stuff propped up beside it and the fountain I really need to get polished up and running again. More work to do on yet another day.

I’m getting so sick of boxes

These are all the boxes I was able to take out from that closet and get the contents either removed to somewhere else or put into totes instead of boxes. I kept looking at the closet and going “Did I actually accomplish ANYTHING here?” And looking at the boxes reminded me that, yes, I have actually at least done SOMETHING. I got more cardboard OUT OF THE HOUSE.

That was my main project of the day. I had to get the sun room tidied up because people are coming over tomorrow and those boxes couldn’t be sitting there when they arrived. And there was other tidying to do and vacuuming and laundry and stuff. Our mop broke, so I had to go pick up a new one this evening. Tomorrow I’ll mop and wipe down surfaces and get all ready for the party. And most of the house looks decent. The office — not so much. I’ll just close that door and hope people ignore it. 🙂 But most of the house looks good. I’ll try to get more pictures of the cleaned up place up here soon.

For now it’s late, and it’s been a long day, so I’m heading to bed.