What’s that like? An introduction to an idea.

I had an idea for a series of posts that I’m going to work on writing. I’m going to call them “What’s that like?” or something similar – it’ll be a description of things that I’ve done that range from the really mundane to the more complex. I got the idea after telling Grandma and Aunt Dee what it’s like to go to the airport and take a flight because they have never, ever flown anywhere and they have no idea what that’s like. And I think that’s something that’s more common that maybe expected, because I ran into the same thing another time, where someone was asking about what something else was like, I think it was a sleep study, because they had one scheduled and didn’t know what to expect and were really anxious about getting ready for it. And I thought, you know, that’s potentially something that could be really interesting to write about, while also possibly being helpful to someone who’s trying to prepare for an experience – either young adults who are doing something on their own for the first time or people who experience some sort of difficulty, like anxiety or a physical handicap, or any number of other people.

Currently, the list of things I’m planning to describe are as follows. Please let me know if you have any recommendations.

  • Going to the airport to fly to another location
  • Going to a sleep study / using a CPAP machine
  • Driving a stick-shift car
  • Scheduling and going to a ob/gyn doctor appointment and getting an in-arm birth control implant (this will have big warnings before it)
  • Going to the allergy doctor for testing and follow-up immunotherapy shots
  • Taking something to the local dump
  • Going to the dentist for a cleaning
  • Going to the eye doctor for a routine appointment
  • Going to the chiropractor for an adjustment
  • Getting a massage (including different technique information, like cupping and hot stones and Thai)
  • Getting a haircut
  • Getting a pedicure
  • Going hammock camping

I think I’ll also want to include the following “Disclosure statement” as part of that, so I’m just going to put a copy of it here so I can find it again later:

The information in these posts will be from the standpoint of a Caucasian cisgender (meaning I identify with the gender I was assigned at birth) woman aged late 30s / early 40s with no children (childfree by choice) living in the southeast region of the United States of America. It is not intended to be used for legal advice of any kind. Other people’s experiences may be vastly different from my own. This is not intended to include all possible experiences in this situation, nor is it intended to exclude any other possible experiences in this situation. This information is presented only as an example of my own experiences. Your experience may be different from my own.

New look!

Hey everybody! Justin has been working really hard on getting the website fixed and we believe he’s got it finished! YEAH!!! Know what that means?


Yup! I’m about to go double-check that as soon as I put this post up, but you should be able to post comments again. And navigate to previous pages and all sorts of good things that didn’t work before now.

Sadly, the theme that I had up before doesn’t work anymore with the updated version of WordPress that we’ve got going now, so that had to go. But I kinda like the simplistic theme going on with this one. I’ll probably play around with it a little bit more and see if I want to add things, but for now, I’m pleased.

Working website again!! Woo!!

In other news, I’m posting this around 12:30 Wednesday from home because my chiropractor strongly advised that I take a day off, move as little as possible, ice my low back, and try to be less stressed out about everything because I’m messing myself up. My adjustment yesterday evening hurt a lot and I’d managed to get things tweaked around in a way that was entirely new and different for me. So he said to take a day off. And while I do have a lot of stuff that I need to get done, none of it was stuff that I couldn’t do tomorrow instead of today. So I’m taking a doctor-recommended wellness day. And it feels pretty good, actually. I hadn’t noticed how high strung I was getting.

So! Hopefully I’ll be back here posting again more frequently now that things are working properly again! And please feel free to leave me a comment!


EDITED TO ADD: To get to the comments, you have to click on the title of the post and then scroll to the bottom of the post. The comment block will show up there. I’m still working to see if there’s a way to make it easier to get there.

Also the profile pictures beside the comments are being weird. I’m not sure what’s happening there yet, either. So much stuff to figure out!!

Behind the scenes work

Justin is working behind the scenes to try to figure out what on earth is wrong with my website. Believe me, it’s all kinds of messed up. So if we’re up and down here over the next couple days, don’t be concerned. He’s running some diagnostics and things, trying to fix it.


Technical difficulties

We’re back up again! Sorry about being down for the last couple days. We had to renew the domain name registration and the company we’re working with is being really dumb and annoying,  so it took longer than expected.

While he’s getting it back up again, Justin’s going to look into the problems with the comments and the archives and search functions and hopefully update my WordPress version and, basically, get the place all squeeky clean and sparkly again.

There won’t be any other updates until he’s done working on that.

Thanks for your patience!


I popped in here today and noticed that the previous post seemed to have come un-published. I’m not sure how or why that happened, but I’ve gone and put it back up again now.

It’s really weird. I’m not sure how that disappeared!

New post coming soon. I have to get the pictures off my phone.